Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Be professional, persistent and be sure to follow up

So you're probably wondering if there is a follow up process to all of this? Yes, and be sure to do it.

- Make sure to get business cards of those you meet.
--- Send a thank you e-mail to those you meet casually.
--- Send a thank you note in the mail to those who interview you.
- Be sure you truly understand the position and job responsibilities.
- If you happen to cancel your interview, do call to inform them.
- It’s OK to call about the position a week later to determine if they selected a candidate.

Professionals are extremely busy and have little time to waste. Maximize the interview experience and be sure to express your gratitude for considering you. If you are professional, confident, prepared, inquisitive and considerate, you will be well poised as a top candidate for the position.